Clifford D. Casey - Artist. Taking your trophy photos and creating artwork.

Family Portraits Clifford D. Casey - Artist
Growing up in Illinois, Clifford Casey developed an appreciation of nature and the outdoors. His father fostered this by spending countless hours with Cliff hunting and fishing.

"I love to illustrtate wildlife and draw people.
I specialize in pencil portraits which focus on these subjects:
people enjoying the outdoors
and their hunting and fishing experiences."

Casey began drawing and painting at an early age and graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art in 1983 with an Associate's Degree in Advertising Design. After graduating, he moved to Minnesota and once again spent as many hours as possible in the woods and the beautiful lakes with his father and friends. Now living in Oklahoma, he specializes in pencil portraits (drawn from photos) and color wildlife illustration. LEARN MORE...

Hand Painted Fishing Lures Hand Painted Fishing Lures
Hand Painted Fishing Lures
Recently, Cliff has been hand painting fishing lures for tournament and non-tournament fishing. If you have a bait that you just want to add a single color to, if you want a bait painted like your favorite pattern or if you have a totally new design in mind, Cliff can paint those lures for you. LEARN MORE...
Art and Prints Limited Edition Prints
Some of Cliff's original artwork is available in limited and unlimited edition prints at a very affordable price. New prints will be added in the near future. LEARN MORE...

Pen and Ink Artwork
Cliff has done several pen and ink drawings for individuals, businesses and organizations. Any style including simple line drawings or detailed realistic drawings can be done to fit your needs. LEARN MORE...

Graphic Design Graphic Design
With over 20 years experience, Cliff can offer a wide array of creative, affordable design services that fit any of your business or personal needs. The services provided include, but are not limited to:
  • Logo Design
  • Business Card/Stationery
  • Brochures/Flyers
  • Menus
  • Post Cards
  • Ad Designs
  • Custom Banner Design

    "I can also help you get your project printed at a very competetive price"


    Are you looking for that special illustration just right for you? Cliff has worked with a variety of clients and realistic illustration styles including pencil, pen and ink and detailed color work. Cliff's illustrations can regularly be seen in the national magazine- North American Whitetail and in upcoming issues of Petersen's Hunting.

    If you have a project that calls for something more fun and whimsical, Cliff also does cartoon- style iilustration to fit those needs. LEARN MORE...
    Color and Black and White Illustrations

    Murals Murals
    Cliff's mural work can be seen in both private homes and public institutions. A mural is a great way to personalize your child's room or accent another room of your home. Murals can be done in either realistic or animated styles. If you are looking to have a mural done, you can get a great and affordable mural painting done by Cliff. LEARN MORE...

    Misc. Work
    Need a unique gift? Or something unique for yourself? Enhance your home decor with hand-painted items. Items that have been painted include ostrich eggs and a bison skull, but just about anything can be painted by Cliff. LEARN MORE...

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